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Retarded Joke...

2009-12-28 00:05:44 by yariza45

Ok only do this online cuz you might not have the stuff ok... YOU: Do you want to see stuff in my backpack. PERSON:(he/she might say no or yes) ok show me. YOU: ok i'm going to take out some of my con! PERSON: NOOO I DO NOT WANNA SEE YOU CONDOMS! YOU: I was going to show you my condoments! PERSON: ohh....!

Have and nice new year.....


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2009-12-29 14:15:27

ok..? random and stuff :D


2009-12-29 16:46:25

umm, i get but it's just not funny. :P

yariza45 responds:

yea i kno i got it from a text message from a friend :T